Personalized Career and Life Coaching

Personalized Career and Life Coaching

Personalized Career and Life CoachingPersonalized Career and Life Coaching

Where are you going? How are you going to get there?

What career choices are you making?

If you found this site, chances are you are about to make some BIG career decisions...

  • Maybe you're a high school student (or a parent of one) investigating possible career paths and college majors.
  • Or maybe you've recently reached an educational goal and need some help navigating a job search.
  • You are giving your kids a great start as a stay-at-home parent and now you're wondering about how to restart your career.
  • You're looking for pivot options for a career change...or an unplanned change has landed at your doorstep and you need some guidance.
  • Your company has offered you an early retirement package, but you'd prefer reFIREment!

We can help!

Connelly Careers specializes in life transitions. From career assessment to plan execution and all the steps in between, we provide sound coaching support to help you reach your career and life goals.